Can it happen more than Once..?

Love“- A four letter word. Some people believe it happens just once. Rest all is maybe infatuation or attraction. But how can you feel that?? Just when we say that THAT feeling is called Love, just because it lasts long? Then why do people ask, who was your first Love?

There is a true saying, that “You are lucky if you are the first love of a lady, or the last love of a man”. This whole feeling cannot just happen once. If it was to happen just once, you wouldnt have been loving your mother, father, sister, husband or wife at the very same time. You might have this question, with parents, you are born with that love and affection, but with loving another individual with whom you are not blood related is a complete different feeling….Actually, there is no difference, because there are people who dont love their parents as much as their life partners. Instances would be a son who abandons his mother, the mother who actually brings him up with so much love and care, differentiating the love for him from her daughters. What does he do in return, abandon her?! Then would you still say that we are born with that love for our parents?

Love happens ‘n’ number of times. So many times that you may not even realise yourself . If you’re still not convinced, let me just differentiate between love and infatuation. Infatuation could be a desire, passion, love. And love could be a feeling of personal attachment, passion, desire. This is what the dictionary describes. Therefore can we conclude that love is a part of infatuation and also that Infatuation is a part of Love. Though love is a more broader concept than infatuation.

There is certainly NOTHING like Love at first sight.. It is when we start knowing the person more and more. It doesn’t just end there. Some people end up staying together, some dont. But that doesnt mean they were not in love, they were just not meant to be together. For various reasons, like family, situations, or the individuals itself. But do our lives end there? We move on…. We create new ways we learn from our experiences, by not cribbing our pasts but to make sure of not making any mistakes made earlier. We do become more hesitant towards love after moving on, but we learn to be convinced, to start a new life with new people, renewed experiences, a new face of love… Life doesnt end there, It continues, people change, feelings change. Sometimes,it just needs a fraction of second and sometimes it takes its own sweet time. Give time and love for things to heal, without any doubt, Love cannot just happen once then.

Thus to love someone is a good feeling, but to be loved back is a great feeling!


2 thoughts on “Can it happen more than Once..?

  1. Thus to love someone is a good feeling, but to be loved back is a great feeling!
    the same for friends: it’s nice to have a good balance of giving and receiving …

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