PostAWeek2011: How do you define a friend?

A tough thing to talk on, but surely not impossible.

Do you think a friend has to be just like you? Do you think a friend has to walk and talk just like you? Do you think friends need to meet and talk everyday? Well for me.. all these questions just end with a No !!

If I  say that a  so and so individual is my friend because we have sat in the same class together or worked in the same company, then I think every person we know would be our “FRIEND”. If you would call your colleague your friend, ask yourself for once… will this person stand by yourself when you’ll need him/her?? At work too?? Maybe not. People in your company might try to win you, for their professional reasons, not friendship. We need to be smart enough to know where you got to draw the line.. because someday they reflect their true colors.. Everyone at work might be really good to you, they might even share their personal life with you, but what makes a colleague your friend is when they stand by you even professionally. When I say professionally standing by, that doesn’t mean that if you leave your job, they’ll also leave their job. There will be times when they’ll stand for you…and you’ll know… 🙂

Would I say that the so and so female, was my classmate is my friend too. Not necessarily!! She was my classmate only.. you might not share the same rapport as you do with you friend.

But I wouldnt ignore or disagree the fact that your colleague or classmate cannot be your friend. He/ She can be your true friend….maybe really really good friends…but not all ofcourse..!!

For me friends neednot have to be the same… if friends were the same, you would rather stay with yourself alone than with them. They have to be different from what you are, from what yu think, eat, wear, etc. I believe friends are the biggest spice to your life, without whom life has no taste at all. A friend can be anyone- your classmate, colleague, your life partner, your mother, father, brother or sister… or even sometimes a stranger turns to a friend.  You might find a friend in them, with whom your heart feels homely.

Some individuals touch your heart and life in someway or the other. And that is when you feel, they are your friend. They might also bring out the best in you and also some times the wors 😉 … You might have major fights with them, but the times when you patch back are true friends.

In case of Life partners, I believe that it is very easy to find a husband/wife in a person.. but it is hard to find a friend in the husband/ wife.

Friends need not have to stay in your life forever, because people come into your life for a reason, season or even a lifetime.  If you lose one, you have a whole lot of other bunches to stay with. Never regret the ones you lose… They always teach you something or the other.. Learn, Live and Move on!!!


2 thoughts on “PostAWeek2011: How do you define a friend?

    1. You know I personally think and feel this way… its always good to keep yourself also happy.. than crying over someone who leaves you. This is one life.. Live it.. dont cry over someone else’s mistakes.. and as for yours.. tht we must improve them.. you knw tht its not the end.. 🙂

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