PostAWeek2011:What is your favourite sound?

Water flowing from a waterfall, the waves, streams…is something more pleasant than any other kind of sound.

Just the sound and sight of Water creates a sense of serenity, peace and calmness. The sense of relaxation topped with the sounds of birds is such an amazing feeling. There is a connection then built with the nature. The appreciation of how God’s nature is pure in sight and sound.

An inspiration is what I find with water. The strength of water to flow through its obstacles so smoothly, as if nothing ever existed back. It actually tells us whatever maybe the past obstacles, you have to move on. You have to behave and live, as if nothing ever happened. It doesn’t just stop there. Water with its smoothness and free flow nature inspires us to just live life this way. To let it ALL  flow..!!!

The sound of tinkling water of the streams spreads a sense of peace and free flow attitude too. It flows from heights of the mountains till the rivers, through all the obstacles such as the rocks and specially the height at which it flows.

So, next time you see or hear the sound of Water… try to visualize the obstacles it must have gone through..Am sure then we are through nothing of the worldly obstacles….


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