PostAWeek2011:Why is it so hard ?

The sound of Laugh can lighten up a dark room. Just imagine yourself sitting in a dark room and when someone just laughs… Am sure you might just not want a ray of light to understand the feeling of a laugh.. You might just laugh back too.

I think both- Smiling and Laughing are contagious.

For me even if a Baby smiles at me.. I feel really good about myself. I feel like, hello.. I made someone happy for a while atleast. It feels good while smiling and greeting everyone at work. Its a small thing, which we tend to not notice much. But the impact is great.

I like it when people Smile and greet me. Its a really great start for my day. Keeps my energy levels on for long.

When I was in the 12th std, my brother once called me, and told me,”Whenever you brush your teeth in the morning, after gargling, just smile into the mirror for 15secs.” I laughed at what he told me. But after I hung up. I gave it a thought for 5mins. Tried it the next morning, I laughed at myself again. But trust me, after a few days I almost got used to it. And I started to like myself.

A true saying- .. “You need to love yourself first, to start loving others.”  So now think of it, cant a smile do wonders and make your day??

And when others laugh because of me, thats the most loveliest feeling I ever get, because thats when I realize, I could tickle someone’s funny nerve…. Like when someones laughs at your personalized jokes.

Lastly, Smile at others, coz it not only makes their day, but yours too. 😀


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