The Option is Yours…

LIFE, by and large, is inscrutable. But one of its aspects is very clear – it does not indulge in favouritism.

It presents a medley of opportunities and challenges alike to one and all, with no discriminations whatsoever. Then why is it that some of us tend to lead peaceful, fulfilling lives while an abject, strife-torn existence is the fate of others? The logic is clear – each individual opts for his own options and traverses life accordingly.

The choice is ours – either we choose to suffer with a delusional lifestyle or adhere to one that is genuine; that we are comfortable with. Be true to yourself.

Money, to an extent, is essential for happiness and comfort. However, an evolved perspective enables harmonious integration of material prosperity and spiritual progress. After achieving a comfortable level of financial security, choosing the right direction is vital. Pause and think. A wise person would overcome greed and look towards following a finer, humane and creative path.

We can maximise our happiness by minimising two habits – expectations and comparisons. When we have high expectations of others, especially our near and dear ones, we invariably end up getting hurt. Similarly, making comparisons can cause negative emotions like discontentment, jealousy and an unhealthy competitive spirit. So the ball is in our court, so to speak, as we need to make the right choice.

Often, we make our life onerous by nursing secret grudges and resentments against others who may be totally oblivious of our acrimonious feelings. This self-created baggage will only perpetuate the uncalled-for miseries and intricacies of our life. Cultivate a generous disposition – forgive, forget and move on in life. Life will never stagnate. Such a decision can only bring peace and joy.

We are gregarious beings, living in society. Relationships are an inevitable component of our existence. We can nurture robust, loving and transparent relationships or choose to tarnish them with selfishness, malevolence and deceit. The former will promote equanimity and smoothness in life while the latter will cause rancour and perpetual turmoil.

Life, however, may not always be rewarding.  A trusting, non-resistant attitude will help us embrace reality gracefully. Accept the world the way it is rather than brood over its imperfections. A negative attitude will certainly not alter reality – the option is in our own hands!

For true, undiluted happiness, it is imperative to live in the present. Past is a grave and the future is unknown. Living in the present moment is what can yield positive results. Again, the choice is ours. Simply pondering over past miseries and not learning lessons will make us cling to the past in sadness. It is only when we wisely embrace the lessons that we let go of the past and move on in life to brighten our present.


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