By-Nazir Qabbani

When he Dances with me, he tells me words

that aren’t like any other words,

He takes me up from my arm and plants me in one of the clouds…

While the black rain fall from my eyes… heavy drops… heavy drops

He takes me with him to an evening with rosy balconies.

And I am just like a child in his hands…

Like a feather carried by the wind….

He carries for me seven moons in his hands

and a bundle of songs

He gives me sun…He gives me summer…

And a flock of swallows…..

He tells me that I am his masterpiece

and I worth thousands of stars…

And that I am a treasure…..

and I am the most beautiful portrait he has ever seen…

He tells me things that make me dizzy

make me forget the dance and the steps….

Words which overturn my history….

and make me a woman in moments!!

He builds me a castle of illusions

where I live only… for moments!! ahhhh

And I go back to my table…

Having nothing with me….

except words!!



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