PostAWeek2011:Love and Live, without Fear!!

Why are we so fearful as people? We fear failure, instead of seeing it as an attempt to accomplish something; we fear the future instead of loving the fact that we can do so much with it.

We fear loving deeply and deny ourselves the joy of immersing ourselves because we fear it will end. We fear material loss without realising if you earned it once, you can earn it again.

We fear speaking our mind, instead of feeling good we have something we believe in. We fear aging on the outside, instead of accepting gracefully the inevitable, and delighting in the maturity and experience that have come with the years!!! We fear disease without realizing our fears themselves manifest a majority of them. We fear death so much that we don’t revel in the joy of being alive. The list of fears goes on and on! In relationships too we harbour multiple fears.

Fear is limiting. A liability you could well do without. Live fully and without fear. Laugh loudly. Love deeply and passionately. If it falls apart, get up, dust yourself, and start again. Thank God for second helpings in the buffet life gives us! Revel in your individuality. The more you love being you, the more depth your relationship and life will have.


6 thoughts on “PostAWeek2011:Love and Live, without Fear!!

  1. I hope, that you must not have fear during the anti-government protests in Manama, Bahrein. I hope very much, that all learn to discuss even different opinions and wishes – without any violence …

  2. How are you doing with the goings on at the home-front? This is indeed a time to live fearlessly and trust that good will come of it all. 🙂
    Sending you light and love… Peace too!

    1. everything is fine now.. things have settled down acc to us.. and we r hoping they stay calm on a long run too.. the govt officials r having a peace tawk with the protestng groups.. 🙂

  3. Fear is a funny thing it is what drives most of us to not do something… it is that little voice inside of our heads saying you should be afraid of that. one thing i have learned in my course of life is that people are all afraid of the same things(mainly) for starters they are afraid of other people, and people are afraid of going against the grain and they are mortified of death. funny to harbor such fear about something we know truly know nothing about! great post keep up the good work!

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