PostADay2011:What part of life confuses you the most?

We say- Honesty is the best policy….

How long can we walk on this….To some extent we will love this phrase, but when you keep going deeper and deeper about this thought, it gets tougher to believe, walk and face it also.

We always think, Oh we should have honest friends and people in our lives, but before you believe in it, we have to prepare ourselves, not that we always know how honest people are with us …

Honesty- Truth, for me is the most confusing part of my life. I have always loved telling people/or my friends, that I love people who are straight forward, but when I have to face this.. It is the most toughest part of my life.

I believe sometimes, honesty and truth, should be only revealed to some extent. To only that extent , which a person can take it. Because maybe it might not destroy relationships, but the factor called “trust” , shakes…

For a person like me, initially I easily trust people, but when its a matter of trust and truth(both interconnected), for me to be convinced the 2nd times, can be the most toughest task, which the opposite person can face, I take a lot of time to get convinced again!! Not that I am proud to have this trait.. but genuinely my life goes back to  square one.. As if I never knew the person. As a person, I can take honesty and truth to certain extent, then I need a lot of time to believe in something/someone.

But as they say, we have stop living in an illusion, it is always better to live in reality than to be hurt later on by living in fantasies. So yeah, its a matter of major acceptance.. and preparing our selves to face the truth, the HONESTY…


3 thoughts on “PostADay2011:What part of life confuses you the most?

  1. yeah…and most importantly, the acceptance attitude towards all of this… becoz just believing in honesty, trust, patience doesnt complete the whole sense of any relationship, we have to accept all of this, specially honesty…

  2. This is a theme coming up for a lot of people lately and I think it’s a good thing… we all need to search our hearts and recognize what we value in friendships and what type of friend we are…it is a two way street.

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