PostADay2011:Music that Cheers Me Up….

The Music that cheers me up.. within a minute the beaty music… and specially with those words which give me a feeling of uniqueness… . For me the words and beats of the song matter alot.

It is when the words and music of the song, that can help me forget what is going on in my life, all the pains, sorrows, responsilities, etc…. and makes me feel that I am unique and yes, I have my own individuality. Happiness should not be depending on anyone… Create it!!!! & thats how I do using music and dance moves.. Just dancing randomly, with the beats and words.. Can throw out all my stress.. And thats why I have taken Hip Hop and Bollywood dance as one of my Workout and stress buster 😀

And this is how I feel 😉


3 thoughts on “PostADay2011:Music that Cheers Me Up….

  1. Love it… I was going to ask what type of music you dance to and I must agree that those two can give you lots of energetic beats to keep you moving.
    Lately, some of my friends are talking about Zumba; Latin flavor exercise beats. I plan to check that out soon.

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