What got better with Age and What didn’t…

Something that I thought would get better with age but didnot, would be- My hyperactive nature.. I used to be and still am a hyperactive person. Sometimes I feel, its a good thing, because almost everyone who knows me, are used to my hyperactive nature. Whenever I dont sound all that hyper on the phone or a face to face conversation, they ask me-“hey are you fine today?” I’ll be like, “eyeaaahhh, why do you ask me this?”, and i always get this answer- “No, you sound very quiet today, so was making sure.” I always thought, with age and experiences in life, this would be one thing that would diminish, but hasnt yet. I am glad it didnot, because, at at least keeps people(who know me) on the edge ;).. They know, I’m upto something all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰


Something I thought would not get better with age, but did, would be- My level of acceptance. Till date, this process is still going on. And I haven’t still excelled in this. But accepting others the way they are has always been a tougher thing for me. But as and when I keep moving ahead, it gets easier, not to a great extent, but to someย of course. I am glad this is happening with me, coz that is one way life keeps moving, by accepting how others are. I usually accepted how I used to be. Because accepting myself also used to be a task, but then slowly, as and when new people come and stay in your life, accepting them also becomes more and more important. So yeah, this is something Iย didn’tย expect at improving, but somehow it does by everyday, passing by. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “What got better with Age and What didn’t…

  1. I don’t know why lately the blogs I visited almost all were talking about age, isn’t a sign for me? lol..
    I think by getting older also means to be able to embrace how we’ve become, also letting our minds to think about random things just like your posts^^..and Thank you for visiting my blog, glad to have a new friend onboard..

    1. hey .. i know its been really really long thaqt i havent been blogging.. but now am planning to come back with a bang .. talking more about Travel and Ethics

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