Did someone just Reset my Life?

When I woke up this morning, something was different. Actually everything seemed very different… my room, the breeze, the sunlight… it was so different and a rejuvenating. I felt as if someone just reseted my life… As if what was happened is what I never knew.. Everything seemed new… Like as if something might have hit my head, and whooaa.. there I was with a new day… actually every new day, but today was much much more newer, fresher,  brighter, cooler and perkier… And this is what I think I have been searching, for a very very long time.. Every day needs to be like this 🙂 Not taking life seriously, because even it does not take u seriously… 😀


9 thoughts on “Did someone just Reset my Life?

  1. i want to share your excitement for new days! and the ability to start fresh as if everything is a okay! heres hopping that you will find more beautifully days till the end of time!
    here is some good advise a wise man once said…..you can never take life to seriously….after all you will never make it out alive.

    1. yeah everythings going fine.. not gettin much time to blog these days.. wil try blogging on the weekly photo challenge..tonyt.. jammed up wid work these days.. 😛

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