Things that amuse me ….. :D

There are certain things  that actually amuse me.. I would call them things tho… I have just three to talk about, short ans sweet, to keep me amazed and smiling:


2. BABIES- The only creature on earth, with the most cutest smile… how can you not smile back… They make my day.. While I was a teacher, I loved being with small kids.. their innocence, their fragile hearts,… their satisfaction in every small thing offered to them.. d onli thing they feel bad about is because of some loud noise 😉  🙂

My nephew- Shabz
My nephew- Hunaid

3. ANIMALS- Those creatures on earth who cannot speak, but can understand the language of love or hatred, who remain faithful, no matter what the situation is, no matter how u treat them, they’ll always be with you…



11 thoughts on “Things that amuse me ….. :D

  1. Hau Koda, Arva! (Santee Sioux for Hello Friend!)
    It is refreshing to see some positive energy, we can all use a little sunshine, and your smile is positively radiant!

    You have an eye for all things beautiful, never let the world’s suffering blind you or darken your days-keep spreading your beautiful cheeriness,

    Keep smiling, Arva and happy blogging! ♥♥♥

  2. The pictures are adorable… I love those rabbits and the one of you as a kid.
    Laughter is a great thing so if you have ways to find joy, go for it! 🙂

  3. Hello Arva,
    I’m here by way of Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation. I loved meeting you through her Featured Blogger. What a wonderful person you are! We are on the same page about smiling and passing along happiness. My passions are picture books and uplifting young children…I hope you’ll visit my blog when you have time.

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