If I could master any Skill instantly…

If I could master any skill instantly, that would be the skill of “Painting”….

When I was young around 16-17, I never liked drawing.. Whenever I tried it..I always got bored of it, very easily…  But then painting was something I did for my college society.. got better at it, but never grabbed my attention much…

But from the time, my aunt started painting, I started to feel colors and Creativity. Her flow of paintings and colors started to inspire me. Made me realize how amazing nature is with Colors… nothing can portray nature that good. Her paintings did all that…

And this is what when i started to drawing and painting, I realised.. I could do it, but I needed to practice it.. And today since I am writing this post, within my daily schedule I plan to also start off learning drawing.. I have been also trained for a while under a professional.. so I think I need to start over it, if not instantly I could master my skill, slow and steady…..


10 thoughts on “If I could master any Skill instantly…

  1. Beautiful paintings. I tried to take up drawing and I started using the book “Drawing the Right Side of the Brain” and I was really surprised that I could draw anything, but then I got impatient and stopped, but I still have the book. Maybe one day, I’ll start practicing again. Good luck.

  2. oh… I need to search for this book then..thnks.. alot of things inspire ppl..sometimes even their own effort behind it doesnt work..bt thrs always something diff tht needs to hit yu just once to mk u realise anything..be it talent, or imp of losin weight 😛

  3. Beautiful arva, and i hope you have a delightful weekend. I added you to my blogging buddies please stop by.

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