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The Biggest lesson I have learnt so far….

One of the biggest lesson that I have learnt so far is to “Never Take Your Friends Seriously”…

I know this might sound very mean/ rude, but this is something we all need to accept this fact some day. Not all actually stay with you.. If I make a mistake, my work is to only apologize & not clarify … because, there are very few friends who actually deserve the clarification and your serious thinking…

For me, my really good friends need to be different, but still I would not think and cry so much about them. There have been incidents where I have had friends and they have left me, for reasons like- they have a boy friend now, I couldn’t join them in their gatherings for some reason, etc… I donot blame them for leaving me . Its actually time consuming,  because it actually doesnt make a difference to them..


For me if I want to know which are my true friends, I dont need proofs for them, people give me proofs.. our mutual friends give me the proofs, those who do small sweet things, which not all of your friends would do for you… things like very few would come all the way to meet you travelling 2hours in heavy rains, very few when you are sick and asleep would actually take care of you sitting besides you, very few would randomly gift you small things, very few would wake up at night 3am when you feel like talking to them, very few would actually give a reply back miss call late night..

Very very few could actually be so special. It might take years for some people to realize, because it took me too… Relationships built with years, last long than those that build up within months..



Things that amuse me ….. :D

There are certain things  that actually amuse me.. I would call them things tho… I have just three to talk about, short ans sweet, to keep me amazed and smiling:


2. BABIES- The only creature on earth, with the most cutest smile… how can you not smile back… They make my day.. While I was a teacher, I loved being with small kids.. their innocence, their fragile hearts,… their satisfaction in every small thing offered to them.. d onli thing they feel bad about is because of some loud noise 😉  🙂

My nephew- Shabz
My nephew- Hunaid

3. ANIMALS- Those creatures on earth who cannot speak, but can understand the language of love or hatred, who remain faithful, no matter what the situation is, no matter how u treat them, they’ll always be with you…


PostADay2011:15 THINGS I BELIEVE …

There are certain things people believe in, certain principles on which you walk on. Throughout your life you keep them strong. Some of these things change, sometimes get erased, But some strongly remain with you, as your shield towards Living. I am listing down a few of mine below… 😉

  • Smiling not only makes others day, but yours too. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Where there is a will, there’ll always be a way.
  • Try new things in life, never resist from learning new stuffs.
  • God’s Delays are not his denials.
  • Dancing, is the only way to throw out stress, instantly!! (A must try.. even if you cant dance)
  • Laughing is the best medicine(a very common one), but laugh loud and clear. Feel the heat of your lungs !!!
  • Never hurt animals, just because they cannot talk in the same language as ours. Take care of them, nurture them, they are the only creatures on earth who will not leave you, even when you leave them. You give them food, they’ll fall for you, the very next moment. I feel they think with their hearts.. so don’t hurt them.
  • I believe green is the most beautiful and peaceful color.
  • Always stay with the people who can make you laugh and encourage you, not with those who sympathize…
  • Doing things for others regularly and for yourself occasionally.
  • Never let your happiness or sadness depend on others. Live your own life, Live your own individuality like how you are.
  • While your working, do everything, even if its not your job.
  • Change is inevitable, embrace it, no matter how long it takes, but try!!!
  • Always be good to others, even if they are bad with you. Dont worry what goes around comes around. Your goodness, will always come back, you wont even know, but it will. Your deeds never vanish, they are always stored.  Its my personal experience!! 🙂
  • Learn to say no or learn to slowly ignore those people in your life, who harm you. So that the opposite person is not hurt plus they might not realize it much fast.
  • Never give unwanted advices and solutions, no matter how wrong the opposite person is doing, unless it will affect you, or unless your asked to give your suggestions.
  • When things are not under your control leave it to god. Its his business, none of yours. Enjoy what you have than crying on what you dont have.