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If I could master any Skill instantly…

If I could master any skill instantly, that would be the skill of “Painting”….

When I was young around 16-17, I never liked drawing.. Whenever I tried it..I always got bored of it, very easily…  But then painting was something I did for my college society.. got better at it, but never grabbed my attention much…

But from the time, my aunt started painting, I started to feel colors and Creativity. Her flow of paintings and colors started to inspire me. Made me realize how amazing nature is with Colors… nothing can portray nature that good. Her paintings did all that…

And this is what when i started to drawing and painting, I realised.. I could do it, but I needed to practice it.. And today since I am writing this post, within my daily schedule I plan to also start off learning drawing.. I have been also trained for a while under a professional.. so I think I need to start over it, if not instantly I could master my skill, slow and steady…..


SuperMoon Night….

Theres always a full moon night, but tonights moon will be a bit different than the others.. Its a Supermoon Night..!!

Usually a Supermoon appears once in 18yrs and also sometimes 4-6 times annually. Huge in size and brighter in color. This is the time when the Moon is the nearest to the earth in a given orbit- A mere 3,56,000kms out in orbit.

A lot of myths were born regarding the SuperMoon, but all have been slashed out by the astronomers. The only thing it will affect is the tides. Might just get a bit higher than usual.. I think thats the reason tides are formed otherwise too.. It has been argued that the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake on December 26, 2004, was influenced by a supermoon which occurred 2 weeks later on January 10, 2005. However two weeks before a supermoon the Moon is at the opposite point in its orbit: its apogee (greatest distance). Thus a supermoon effect is just impossible….

Most of the astrologers also argued that the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan was due to the Supermoon, but how could the moon come out later than any big incident that has had happen days ago?? All myths!! There might just be some coastal floods which otherwise might happen with high tides too.. Not much Danger!

But anyways, we can still enjoy the view of the Super duper good looking Moon tonight…