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Things that amuse me ….. :D

There are certain things  that actually amuse me.. I would call them things tho… I have just three to talk about, short ans sweet, to keep me amazed and smiling:


2. BABIES- The only creature on earth, with the most cutest smile… how can you not smile back… They make my day.. While I was a teacher, I loved being with small kids.. their innocence, their fragile hearts,… their satisfaction in every small thing offered to them.. d onli thing they feel bad about is because of some loud noise 😉  🙂

My nephew- Shabz
My nephew- Hunaid

3. ANIMALS- Those creatures on earth who cannot speak, but can understand the language of love or hatred, who remain faithful, no matter what the situation is, no matter how u treat them, they’ll always be with you…



Did someone just Reset my Life?

When I woke up this morning, something was different. Actually everything seemed very different… my room, the breeze, the sunlight… it was so different and a rejuvenating. I felt as if someone just reseted my life… As if what was happened is what I never knew.. Everything seemed new… Like as if something might have hit my head, and whooaa.. there I was with a new day… actually every new day, but today was much much more newer, fresher,  brighter, cooler and perkier… And this is what I think I have been searching, for a very very long time.. Every day needs to be like this 🙂 Not taking life seriously, because even it does not take u seriously… 😀

PostADay2011: In Different Shapes and Sizes & at different times :)

Happiness that comes in different shapes and sizes and also during different times.Happiness is:

  • When you and your baby laugh together.

  • When you love where you are.
  • When you win.

  • When your being loved and/or when you love someone.

  • Almost everything expressed by a small child.

  • When you celebrate.

  • When your’re captured for the moment.

  • When you also love your pet or even a stray animal.

  • Expressed by animals.

  • When the rain touches you occasionally.

  • When you’re dancing with your beloved.

  • When we love touching the nature every now and then.

A very true saying:

Precisely, Happiness is just a Smile, that is contagious, and costs just nothing at all. So be HAPPY and Keep Smiling 😀