If I could master any Skill instantly…

If I could master any skill instantly, that would be the skill of “Painting”….

When I was young around 16-17, I never liked drawing.. Whenever I tried it..I always got bored of it, very easily…  But then painting was something I did for my college society.. got better at it, but never grabbed my attention much…

But from the time, my aunt started painting, I started to feel colors and Creativity. Her flow of paintings and colors started to inspire me. Made me realize how amazing nature is with Colors… nothing can portray nature that good. Her paintings did all that…

And this is what when i started to drawing and painting, I realised.. I could do it, but I needed to practice it.. And today since I am writing this post, within my daily schedule I plan to also start off learning drawing.. I have been also trained for a while under a professional.. so I think I need to start over it, if not instantly I could master my skill, slow and steady…..

The strangest thing that keeps happening, whenever I travel…

The strangest thing that keeps happening while I am travelling through Airways is- My luggage issues….

I have always carried luggage that has exceeded the limit kg allowed by the airlines… I have always ended up removing my excess luggage, specially the fooditems have always been given back to the people who have come to see me off.. Never ever has it been, that I have gone through the luggage checkpoint just once..

The last time while I was coming back from India, after winding up my stuff, I had around 80kgs, I was travelling through Economy Class… I had already removed 40kgs, and carried another half with me, thinking maybe 30kgs will go into the luggage, and 10 in my hand luggage, But of no use.. and this time, it was not food. Unfortunately there were clothes. To balance the weight, Pair of certain clothes were arranged separately. So I anyways had to discard the extra 10kgs. After discarding 10kgs, I still had to pay money for the extra 5kgs, to my despair!!!

After reaching Bahrain, while unpacking my stuff, I realized that, the excess baggage that I discarded was the other half of alot of my luggage that passed through the luggae point was the other halves of a lot of my clothes 😦

So yeah I have been unfortunate ALL THE TIME!! 😉 Sometimes I wonder, why dont I simply take a Business Class Ticket, but I’m even the allowance of luggage limit would be less  for me.. 😉

SuperMoon Night….

Theres always a full moon night, but tonights moon will be a bit different than the others.. Its a Supermoon Night..!!

Usually a Supermoon appears once in 18yrs and also sometimes 4-6 times annually. Huge in size and brighter in color. This is the time when the Moon is the nearest to the earth in a given orbit- A mere 3,56,000kms out in orbit.

A lot of myths were born regarding the SuperMoon, but all have been slashed out by the astronomers. The only thing it will affect is the tides. Might just get a bit higher than usual.. I think thats the reason tides are formed otherwise too.. It has been argued that the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake on December 26, 2004, was influenced by a supermoon which occurred 2 weeks later on January 10, 2005. However two weeks before a supermoon the Moon is at the opposite point in its orbit: its apogee (greatest distance). Thus a supermoon effect is just impossible….

Most of the astrologers also argued that the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan was due to the Supermoon, but how could the moon come out later than any big incident that has had happen days ago?? All myths!! There might just be some coastal floods which otherwise might happen with high tides too.. Not much Danger!

But anyways, we can still enjoy the view of the Super duper good looking Moon tonight…




Things that amuse me ….. :D

There are certain things  that actually amuse me.. I would call them things tho… I have just three to talk about, short ans sweet, to keep me amazed and smiling:


2. BABIES- The only creature on earth, with the most cutest smile… how can you not smile back… They make my day.. While I was a teacher, I loved being with small kids.. their innocence, their fragile hearts,… their satisfaction in every small thing offered to them.. d onli thing they feel bad about is because of some loud noise 😉  🙂

My nephew- Shabz
My nephew- Hunaid

3. ANIMALS- Those creatures on earth who cannot speak, but can understand the language of love or hatred, who remain faithful, no matter what the situation is, no matter how u treat them, they’ll always be with you…


Did someone just Reset my Life?

When I woke up this morning, something was different. Actually everything seemed very different… my room, the breeze, the sunlight… it was so different and a rejuvenating. I felt as if someone just reseted my life… As if what was happened is what I never knew.. Everything seemed new… Like as if something might have hit my head, and whooaa.. there I was with a new day… actually every new day, but today was much much more newer, fresher,  brighter, cooler and perkier… And this is what I think I have been searching, for a very very long time.. Every day needs to be like this 🙂 Not taking life seriously, because even it does not take u seriously… 😀

What got better with Age and What didn’t…

Something that I thought would get better with age but didnot, would be- My hyperactive nature.. I used to be and still am a hyperactive person. Sometimes I feel, its a good thing, because almost everyone who knows me, are used to my hyperactive nature. Whenever I dont sound all that hyper on the phone or a face to face conversation, they ask me-“hey are you fine today?” I’ll be like, “eyeaaahhh, why do you ask me this?”, and i always get this answer- “No, you sound very quiet today, so was making sure.” I always thought, with age and experiences in life, this would be one thing that would diminish, but hasnt yet. I am glad it didnot, because, at at least keeps people(who know me) on the edge ;).. They know, I’m upto something all the time 😉


Something I thought would not get better with age, but did, would be- My level of acceptance. Till date, this process is still going on. And I haven’t still excelled in this. But accepting others the way they are has always been a tougher thing for me. But as and when I keep moving ahead, it gets easier, not to a great extent, but to some of course. I am glad this is happening with me, coz that is one way life keeps moving, by accepting how others are. I usually accepted how I used to be. Because accepting myself also used to be a task, but then slowly, as and when new people come and stay in your life, accepting them also becomes more and more important. So yeah, this is something I didn’t expect at improving, but somehow it does by everyday, passing by. 🙂

PostADay2011:Autism- Know them, to handle them…

I have always loved reading and understanding stuffs related to psychology. I used to keep reading about alot of child psychological disorders or even normal behaviors. Somehow understanding these individuals always was fascinating for me. In this post, I have mentioned about one of the readings :

Autism- A disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interactions and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old.

Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism are complex and it is unclear whether ASD is explained more by raremutations, or by rare combinations of common genetic variants. In rare cases, autism is strongly associated with agents that cause birth defects. Controversies surround other proposed environmental causes, such as heavy metals, pesticides or childhood vaccines.

Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child’s life. The signs usually develop gradually, but some autistic children first develop more normally and then regress. Although there is no known cure, early behavioral or cognitive intervention can help autistic children gain self-care, social, and communication skills.  Not many children with autism live independently after reaching adulthood, though some become successful. An autistic culture has developed, with some individuals seeking a cure and others believing autism should be accepted as a difference and not treated as a disorder.

About a third to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to meet their daily communication needs. Differences in communication may be present from the first year of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures, diminished responsiveness, and vocal patterns that are not synchronized with the caregiver. In the second and third years, autistic children have less frequent and less diverse babbling, consonants, words, and word combinations; their gestures are less often integrated with words. Autistic children are less likely to make requests or share experiences, and are more likely to simply repeat others’ words (echolalia) or reverse pronouns.


Let me give you an example: I used to be a teacher. It never had to be my profession. But due to some reasons, I was one. A very noble profession afterall.There was once, this student had just started coming to this institute of Math and Eng- Kumon. She was supposed to do her work in around 1/2 an hour. And trust me, she took around 2hours to complete this. Her paper consisted of simple additions like6+4=? , etc. While I was sitting there and watching if she started off with mentioning the time, I was amazed by seeing, that while her 1st qtn said 6+4=? she did write- 10. But she kept on writing the same answer throughout the whole page. Even after telling her, she did not understand. And she also kept on repeating the same answer verbally.

Such children and people need care, love and a little more attention. Understanding them is the only solution to know them. They cannot be treated, but always remember when all the doors close, god opens that one window of Hope. And for these individuals only their nerves are damaged, but their brains actually work faster than computers.

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PostADay2011:Music that Cheers Me Up….

The Music that cheers me up.. within a minute ..is the beaty music… and specially with those words which give me a feeling of uniqueness… . For me the words and beats of the song matter alot.

It is when the words and music of the song, that can help me forget what is going on in my life, all the pains, sorrows, responsilities, etc…. and makes me feel that I am unique and yes, I have my own individuality. Happiness should not be depending on anyone… Create it!!!! & thats how I do using music and dance moves.. Just dancing randomly, with the beats and words.. Can throw out all my stress.. And thats why I have taken Hip Hop and Bollywood dance as one of my Workout and stress buster 😀

And this is how I feel 😉


Hello to all the Bloggers and readers ..!!

Hope you all are doing good.. Yes i know I am back after a really very very long time…. But its never too late… 

I am going to be bloggin with a post every 3-4 days. I am planning to concentrate on Travelling, Health and Ethics… 


Looking forward for your support and encouragement… Will be definitely following back all you bloggers too… 

Good Day..!!

Away for a While…

Hello Everyone,

For the people who keep visiting me often, I will be away for a while… Not that I am going out of town of something, but to get back to blogging, my mind needs to be away for a while…

I’ll surely get back soon posting, till that time all the best to all of you and enjoy posting… In between I might just hop onto your blogs and buzz you all..

Thanks 🙂