PostAWeek2011:Meeting New & Different People…

Many of us, when we meet new individuals, we find it really hard to gel with them… Like if I am going to my friend’s birthday party, and I have not been much in this city. I don’t know any of her friends, but it isn’t hard for me… I don’t think before going to parties or places, that Oohh… I won’t be even knowing anyone there… Oh I have never been there… One thing is right fixed in my head… There’s always a first time… And also because I like meeting different kinds of people, I don’t face much of gelling issues with people… I never even think of not going to boring places like museums or art galleries. Or boring meetings… You get to meet new people; you get to learn new stuff and that is what always keeps running in my mind.

Once there happened an instance where I had to have a religious 2day trip with some of my aunties… While I was only17 at that time, the rest of them were 45+. When I was asked, nothing as…oh what will I do with them… but the only thing that ran through my mind was… Its gonna be fun… With different ages of individuals… And a short religious trip could be so much fun. And trust me… The trip was awesome…

We always go out with our parents or friends as usual, but trust me its even more fun to spend time with people whom you dont know well, and also not of the same age…


5 thoughts on “PostAWeek2011:Meeting New & Different People…

  1. @Arva Najam, Manama, Al Manamah, Bahrain:
    you are openminded, it’s your great gift, talent, capability …
    thanks for your many comments!

  2. Hi Arva,
    Don’t forget to add a post to the blog hop. It can be one you have in your files… 🙂
    ✿♡✿ Happy Valentine’s Day-Mega Blog Hop is on✿♡✿

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